The place on campus which I have decided to explore more closely is Manley Field House. Manley is a building on campus which is designed for Syracuse University’s student athletes to practice. While getting off of the bus at the stop called Manley South on Friday, January 17, 2014 I notice a variety of cars within the Manley South parking lot such as Jeep’s, Nissan’s, Honda’s, and Acura’s that range in various colors such as black, silver, red,  and white. Also, while walking I notice a big orange s outside of glass doors which leads into the football portion of the field house. While continuing to walk I see that that there is salt that has been put on the ground to help the snow melt faster that has come from the previous night. I also notice that soccer stadium, field hockey field and the track which is being re constructed. Once entering the building I see the equipment room with athletes waiting to pick up their clothing. There are also students who are dropping their laundry into the laundry chute. The door to the equipment room is  open and there different items such as sneakers, uniforms,  sweat suits athletic bags and many cubbies which hold these items.

If I continue walking in this building I notice that it is a narrow hallway that show cases pictures of different athletes from the different sports at SU. The floor in this building is different because it is blue and rubber like material most likely for teams that wear cleats and for track and cross country runners so that they do not have to remove their shoes.

Other Observations:

  • When walking to the end of the hall there is the arena where most of the sports tend to practice
    • Dome shaped
    • High ceilings
    • Hanging light fixtures  that go around the arena in a circular fashion
    • The ceiling has many dark grey panels
    • Turf with giant orange S in the middle
    • The turf is also numbered like a football field
    • There is an office that is located right below the stands
    • There are multiple equipment rooms that hold things like medicine balls, hurdles, and football equipment
    • It is painted underneath the stands no smoking
    • There is water fountain
    • A sitting area off to the side of the turf
    • Two hanging football post at the end of the sides of the turf
    • Steel ladder/ and steel platform for coaches to film their players during practice
    • There are cement stands in the corner of the arena
    • Softball batting cage that has a pitching machine
    • Score board above the cement stands
    • Stereo
    • American flag hanging above the stands
    • Walls are primarily white
    • There are emergency exits located around the arena
    • A three lane track surrounding the turf
    • There is also a two lane track that is in between the turf and the sitting area.
    • There is a girls lacrosse practice
    • They have two goals set up near the two field post
    • Runners are on the track both guys and girls
    • Track coach is using a clip board as start
    • Runners are getting into blocks and running on the track
    • There are athletes in the corner of the arena doing medicine ball drills on the wall
    • Some are drinking water
    • Some a stretching
    • some are bent over trying to catch their breath

Sounds heard in the arena:

  • Runners hitting the hurdles while going over
  • Runners running into the mat at the end of the track
  • Lacrosse girls playing music
  • Medicine balls hitting the wall

Weight Room Observations:

  • Bright room




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