What it like to be a GPS

My name GPS stand for “Global Positioning System.” My main function is to provide direction and safe environment for society. I am being use everywhere around the Global, for example Cars, Cellphones, Aircraft, shapes, Computers, and etc. one Iconic is I am being use by everyone, in particular the government and businesses owners. I hope all those people with finding location, tracking movement, and also tracking criminals. The success of GPS has both positive and negative consequence. The positive is that, it made it easies for society migration. The negative is that we society have become overly dependence this equipment. GPS interacts with satellites while they float in outer space. I GPS help society finding places. For example, when you want to find a movie theater on your smart phone, I GPS automatically tell the search their location, and also I provide details to his/her search interest.


  • GPS provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time.
  • Four GPS satellite signals are used to compute positions in three dimensions and the time offset in the receiver clock.
  • The User Segment consists of the receivers, processors, and antennas that allow land, sea, or airborne operators to receive the GPS satellite broadcasts and compute their precise position, velocity and time.



If my owner want to find the mall, they start by typing the address into me, and than I start by search the location of the address, and than i am ready to proceed. I GPS than start by giving my owner direction to his/her destination. If my owner wasn’t paying attention to me, and he/she get lost, I than have to take initiative by coming up with different route to the mall. Something I always say when my owner got lost, “Recalculating.” Whenever my owner hear me saying that, he/she know that we have gotten lost. If there is any meant my owner loss signal, he/she have to move from the spot to a different location, to get signal. I Love helping society, this is the reason why my name is GPS.


One thought on “What it like to be a GPS

  1. You did a nice job of establishing the purpose of the GPS.
    Audience- people that use or are looking to buy or learn about a GPS
    Authority- you tell people how to use it
    Context- you give good specific examples of what people would need to use the GPS for. And there is a wide range of people that this could addressing from students/teachers to GPS users.
    Structure- started off talking about the purpose then how its used or why you’d need it. Then had helpful pictures and videos.

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