250 words post

At first it was really difficult to get started on this process. One of my biggest challenges was trying to figure out how to narrow down ideas to write about. Besides the topic being really broad, this was a new form of writing assignment that I never seen before. I had to develop a new perspective on writing, and also had to think outside of the box. The thinking process was really challenging because I was outside of my element. It was tough but once I got started, everything else began to fall in place. I always wanted to know how to embed streaming music into my PowerPoint slides. I felt like I spent too much time on figuring out how to do this. Organization was extremely hard, because it was time consuming. Deciding the length of the PowerPoint presentation was also problematic. Another obstacle I encountered, was finding the right video clip to share with my blog. I was conscience of time length and interest factor. It got frustrating when I was faced with adding new important information. After I gathered all of the important information that I needed for my PowerPoint, it was hard to add the information into my slides. This was because I was worried that it was too much text for the PowerPoint.  I am now more comfortable, and confident at gathering important information. I now have an idea about the process and time it take to research and prepare a presentation. This style of research and writing is very helpful because now I have the experience to do this independently.

PowerPoint Presentation

Writting 205



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