Evolution of soccer shoe. The “Vapor Mercurial”

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Build It, and Understanding Will Come


Materials need to create a soccer cleats.



1. Leather:

Soccer shoes made of leather are durable and breathable they are also flexible and give lot of comfort to the wearer. Two types of leather are used in soccer shoes-full-grain leather and kangaroo leather. Full -grain leather is less expensive compared to Kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is softer, lighter and durable as compared to full-grain leather.

Some features of the leather made soccer shoe:

If the leather is soft, the feel for the ball is good.
Leather shoes are not suitable for playing soccer on wet surfaces as they absorb more water . It is also very difficult to dry them.
The durability of the shoe is less in case of soft leather.
2. Synthetic :

Synthetic Soccer Shoes are most suitable for beginners and intermediate players as they are less expensive. They are most suitable for playing soccer in wet conditions as it is easy to clean and dry them. But, synthetic Soccer shoes have got disadvantages also- they are less comfortable and less durable.

3. Rubber :

The outsole of most soccer shoes is made of rubber. The main advantage of rubber outsole is that it provides considerable traction particularly in grassy fields. Rubber made soccer shoes also prevent slipping on the field. Hence, rubber outsoles are most common in soccer shoes.

4. Suede :

The upper part in many Soccer Shoes is made of suede. Suede made upper part provides warmth and comfort to the wearer. Besides, suede made soccer shoes are breathable that is they allow easy circulation of air.

Though recent synthetic materials such as polyurethane microfibers have improved considerably in quality, leather is preferred for the upper part of the cleat. With its durable yet soft texture, kangaroo leather is comfortable and sculpts to the foot’s shape. A less expensive option is full-grain leather, which is durable but rigid. In the past few years, goat skin has also been used in soccer cleat manufacturing. Additional materials include laces, lining, foams and reinforcem




  • how will you acquire these materials? Well I will get the Kangaroo leather from Australia because that where you can find Kangaroo skin. It also might be cheaper.
  • I plan on getting rubber materials from Liberia, my home country. Rubbers are made from trees.
  • Laces are a fiber so I could get it from cotton fields.


  1. What value do you see in this work? How does it push on your understanding if research? What skills does it require? Tools? Knowledge?


This is important because a person has to be creative and this product used to prefect a person’s performance.



2. Do you see a space/place or audience/context that this research would work well in? What? Why? What decisions would you have to make in creating your project for it to be taken up?


Certain place that this research would work well in. on the soccer pitch, indoor soccer and etc.. I need the monetary investment and the right tools for manufacturing.




Why is it important that soccer player preferred lighter cleats or boot, like the Vapor Mercurial?  Soccer players prefer lighter soccer cleats or boots like the Mercurial Vapor because it enhances their performance greatly. Some said that, the Vapor Mercurial allow them to run and move faster. I also agree because I can testify to that. I also love the Vapor Mercurial because it is really comfortable. It feels like you are not wearing any shoes, because it is really light on your feet.



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