Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain photographs

this picture represent the two greasiest basketball players of all time.










This video about the two greasiest African American famous basketball Legends.

Bill Russell Played for Boston Celtics.

Wilt Chamberlain played for Philadelphia 76ers.


PPL Park

Object PPL Par

– PPL Park is an American soccer specific stadium located in Chester Pennsylvania, that is home to the Philadelphia Union, a Major League Soccer club.

– Opening since June 27, 2010.

– Founded 2008

The project is the result of combined commitments of $30 million from Delaware county and $47 million from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PPL EnergyPlus, a subsidiary of PPL, is the stadium’s sponsor company.

– Purpose: Soccer, Rugby, College Football, Lacrosse, and other Soccer uses

-Belong to Philadelphia Union, in Philadelphia PA.

– Operator: Keystone Sports and Entertainment, LLC.

– Surface: Natural grass pitch, 120 yd x 75 yd

-Seats: 2,000-seat supporters section

– Construction Cost: $120 million ($128 million in 2014 dollars)

– Capacity: 18,500 (Soccer), Concerts 26,000





-Manufacture by Foxconn, is a technology group, is  a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan.

iPad first generation release was April 3, 2010, second generation was March 11, 2011, the third generation was  March 16, 2012, 4th generation & Mini 1st generation was November 2, 2012 and finally the last generation mini 2nd was release November 12, 2013.

– Units sold 170 as of Octerber 2013

-Built in rechargeable Li-Po battery

-Features: An iPad can shoot videos, take pictures, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions—games, reference, GPS, social network, etc.

Amount of iPads sold: The company sold three million iPads –80 days after the U.S. launch. That’s approximately 37,500 iPads a day–1,562 per hour, 26 per minute and .434 per second.

Purpose:  Use it while Travelling / camping / sight seeing.. If you have a mobile phone with tethering option, you can use that for getting internet working in your ipad and watch movies on the go..

iPad Cost: How much does an iPad 3 cost?

Memory Wi-Fi Wi-Fi + 4
16 GB $499 $629
32 GB $599 $729
64 GB $699 $829


Carrier Dome

Object Carrier Dome

-Multipurpose sports dome, basketball, football, lacrosse, concerts and other events

-Largest basketball stadium on-campus in the nation, nicknamed the “Loud House”

Cultural Context

Moment in Time

-Built 9/20/1980, Finch-Heery, cost 26.85 million to build. 49, 262 seats

-Maiden football game in September 1980 set the seating record, after which over a 1000 seats had to be removed to install handicapped

Economic Status

-Cost $26.85 million to build


-Belongs to Syracuse University, in Syracuse New York.


-Roof made of a fiberglass/Teflon, inflatable

-Inflated through constant pressure balance and air release points at the doors






Cultural Context

Moment in Time

-First in 1880

-First modern ones in 1910

-Since 2001, over 300 million IPods have been sold (partner component)

-A pair of headphones is sold every 5 seconds

Economic Status



-The human ear depends on a thin membrane, the eardrum, which vibrates in response to sound waves. The brain translates the vibrations into what we experience as sound. Speakers create waves of sound very much like a drum makes noise. When you strike a drum, the skin of the drum vibrates, creating sound waves. Speakers start with a cone, and, like a drum, a diaphragm of paper, fabric or plastic is stretched across the wide part of the cone, where it is fastened to a metal ring. The smaller end of the cone contains an iron coil sitting in front of a magnet. The coil is connected to the wires that connect the speaker to the stereo or music player. Sound from the source is translated into electrical signals that turn the coil into an electromagnet. The magnetized coil either attracts or repels the magnet behind it, which moves the coil back and forth. The motion of the coil pushes and pulls the diaphragm, creating waves just like a drum, and pumping sound waves out from the speaker into the room—or straight into your ear.

-Development companies are working constantly on making these devices smaller but       just as effective. This would prove useful for Blackberry phone devices


-Originally, was for telephone operators

-First modern ones in 1910 for the radio


Reading Annotation and Collection- The McRib

Paragraph Summary

  McDonalds is using a psychological ploy to sell the McRib sandwich. McDonalds uses the term “pork” very generously because the McRib sandwich is made from several different pig parts, including tripe, heart and even pig stomach. Also, as we all know, the McRib sandwich is boneless, and also designed to look like a slab of ribs. The sandwich is desirable because of the way that it looks and because of its name. However, it is also questionable because at the end of the day the sandwich does not truly look like ribs. The sandwich is questionable because no one actually knows what it is, although all of the elements together still appeal to our taste buds. The secret behind the McRib, and other McDonald’s products, make them desirable in itself.

Key Words

  • euphemism
  • abhorrence
  • delirium

Key Phrases

  • the McRib makes a brief visit to Earth.
  •  bound and preserved by a petrochemical preservative called tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ.
  • “McFrankenstein creation.”

Clarifying Question

What was the outcome of the 2003 lawsuit against McDonald’s?

Discussion Question

After reading this article and finding out about what the McRib is made of, how many of you would still eat the McRib sandwiches?

Big Ideas

McDonald’s is using leftover pig parts to create the McRib and calling it “boneless pork”. One of the main preservative is tertiary butylhydroquinone, causes  “nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse.” I think one of the reasons why McDonald’s using the leftover pig parts is because they want to save money.

Object wondering- Manley Field House.

Manley Field House is a building on campus which is designed for Syracuse University’s student athletes to practice. Manley field house contribute to the success of the athletics  department of Syracuse University. Why Manley field house is important to student athlete? Manley Field House is a design to help student athlete achieve academic success. There is a department inside of Manley Field House that is call Stevenson Center. The Stevenson Center is design for academic help. Students go there to meet with tutors and also do homework. Manley is also a great place to socialize with other students athlete.

Manley field house history

I used this article because it is an overall view about why Manley field house is important to the students athletes, and also the environment. 

Carrier Dome History

I used this article because the Carrier Dome is a very important part of the community because thousands come to watch basketball, football and even lacrosse games. The Carrier dome is also used for musical concerts and Syracuse University graduation.

Archbold Gymnasium History

Archbold Gymnasium was the home of Syracuse men’s basketball, until Manley field house was built.

Pictures of Manley Field House

These Pictures were taken inside of Manley Field House, and show some of the teams that practice there.



This is a picture of the outside of the Carrier Dome. 




This is the swimming pool inside of the Archbold Gymnasium.